There were long delays for motorists travelling through Brean on Sunday (June 3rd) following an accident.

A caravan and a car collided in Coast Road at around 11.30am near the roundabout at the entrance to Brean Leisure Park.

“Police diverted traffic around Red Road, but there were long delays for motorists and holiday traffic in the village,” reader Simon Smith told

“The accident was controlled initially by Unity Farm staff who did an amazing job in controlling the traffic and treating the people in the car until the police arrived,” a spokesperson at Holiday Resort Unity told “Fortunately, no-one was badly injured, it was just shock and bruises.”

Eyewitness Doreen Velleman added: “I was a witness to this crash. There was a loud bang – it sounded like an explosion. The children in the car were so scared ran screaming from the car. All were OK, no-one hurt, thank God.”

The road was re-opened mid-afternoon when traffic was allowed through again.