Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards are seeking new volunteers to join the organisation.

HM Coastguard is responsible for Search and Rescue around the coast of the UK, as well as at sea, and to respond to emergencies there are around 400 Coastguard Rescue Teams placed strategically around the coast.

“Team members are trained in lots of different rescue skills. Whilst all are qualified in Water Rescue, Communications and First Aid, they will also have additional skills such as Cliff Rescue and Mud Rescue,” said a spokesman.

“These teams are made up from men and women from the local community who volunteer their time to learn new skills and help those in need.”

“Volunteers come from all walks of life. Among them are doctors, fishermen, office managers, carpenters and driving instructors. Some are experienced coastal users but this is not a necessity as full training is provided.”

To find out more about the role of volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer and find out how to apply visit www.gov.uk/coastguard-volunteers or email area12@mcga.gov.uk