Part of Highbridge’s Apex Park play area has been cordoned off by Sedgemoor District Council this week due to a colony of masonry bees.

Parents of children who use the popular play equipment had initially voiced concerns that wasps were burrowing into the park’s sand pit.

The area has been temporarily fenced off, as pictured here, as a safety precaution although the council has reassured users that masonry bees are not a danger.

However, council spokeswoman Claire Faun told “Sedgemoor District Council is aware of a colony of masonry bees in the sand of the play area at Apex Park.  The advice is to leave them alone; they do not sting.”

“Masonry bees pollinate many different types of plants and their burrowing does not harm vegetation.”

“They are non-aggressive. Most are active a very short time. After about four-to-six weeks of activity, they disappear for another year.”

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