A council cleaning vehicle had to be rescued from Burnham-On-Sea beach on Tuesday (August 16th) after it got stranded in soft sand and mud.

One of Sedgemoor District Council’s Clean Surroundings vans became trapped at 2.30pm when its wheels sunk into the sand during a beach clean-up, as pictured here.

The team called for the help of Burnham rescue charity BARB, whose tractor quickly hauled the vehicle free.

“A week of very high tides has made parts of the beach very sticky, so motorists do need to take extra care if driving on the sand,” BARB Operations Manager Mike Lowe told Burnham-On-Sea.com. “We were happy to help by quickly pulling the vehicle free.”

Pictured: The tractor pulled the stranded vehicle out of the mud on Burnham beach, as below


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