Sedgemoor District Council has removed the carcass of a dead cow from Burnham-On-Sea beach since it was washed up over a week ago.

The council says it has been a challenge to remove it from Burnham’s south beach, near the Sailing Club, due to soft sand surrounding it.

Claire Faun, a spokeswoman for Sedgemoor District Council, said: “The carcass was located in the middle of a large patch of mud and soft sand which would not support vehicles.”

“Carcasses of this nature will weigh in excess of 350 kg, so can only be moved by machinery and it is in a decaying state. It could have been in the water for some time before being washed up at Burnham.”

Burnham tractor owner Simon Stroud retrieved the animal to the nearby sailing club jetty where it could be taken away by the council.


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