Proposals to build a major new cycling path between Burnham-On-Sea and Brent Knoll have been given a ‘thumbs down’ by councillors this week.

The Chairman of Brent Knoll Parish Council has written to Burnham and Highbridge Town Council asking whether it would support a new cycling and walking path to run between Burnham’s Stoddens Lane and Brent Knoll’s Station Road, following a route across the fields known locally as Crooked Lane.

But the idea did not receive backing from town councillors at their latest meeting this week.

Burnham’s Mayor, Cllr Martin Cox, said: “It sounds like a good project but it’s unclear who would do the work and we don’t have the capacity to take this on as a Town Council.”

Cllr Bill Hancock said he would not support the proposal:: “I own 25-30 acres of land for cattle in the area and can see a new path opening up a big ‘can of worms’ if youngsters play down there and cause problems. The fields are used for agriculture and a path would not be a good idea. It’s also not feasible because of the long distance and cost.”

Cllr Paul Young added: “I have cycled the proposed route before using a mountain bike and it’s currently heavily rutted by farmers equipment. It would need a proper surface which would involve a large amount of tarmac and a big cost.”

Cllr Ken Smout added: “There are many questions unanswered, particularly on overall cost, maintenance responsibilities, benefits, timelines and whether the costs would be split between the Town Council and Parish Council.”