EDF says the first phase of work to dredge mud from the sea bed around Hinkley Point C power station near Burnham-On-Sea has been completed.

It says 200,000m3 of mud has been moved from around the power station site to Portishead and that it “poses no risk to the public or the environment”.

Chris Fayers, head of environment at Hinkley Point C, told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Our contractors have now completed the main dredging and disposal of mud at the licensed disposal site at Portishead.”

“The Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Sciences tested the mud beyond internationally-recognised best practice, with more samples at greater depth and with a greater range of analysis.”

“The results confirmed previous analysis that the mud is perfectly safe and poses no risk to the public or the environment.”

“An independent report commissioned by the Welsh Government also found that the mud would be deemed suitable for disposal at sea.”

EDF adds that some further ‘maintenance dredging’ will be required in the Spring of next year ahead of the placement of the heads for the cooling water system.

“This maintenance dredging is included in the approval received from the Marine Management Organisation. Hinkley Point C will again comply with all requirements and engage positively with local stakeholders in support of efforts to inform and explain the dredging work to the public.”

“The exact total of mud deposited is now being surveyed and calculated, but will be around 200,000m3. The licence allowed for 341,784m3 to be deposited. We were able to make the necessary preparations without dredging as much mud.”

More information can be found EDF at: Dredging mud in the Bristol Channel


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