These two orphaned fox cubs are making a healthy recovery at Secret World Wildlife Rescue near Burnham-On-Sea thanks to the dedication of the Devon Badger Group.

It comes after members of the badger group found a lactating female fox which had been shot, leading to concern that there might be orphaned cubs starving nearby.

After returning that evening, they found a tiny fox cub but were unable to capture it.

Determined to save the stranded cub, the group set up a trap camera, which showed there were two sibling fox cubs, both in poor condition with no mother.

Eventually, they managed to capture one of the cubs, which was taken to Secret World, but the other cub escaped.

The dedicated group then camped out for a week in a bid to capture the second cub. They were finally rewarded by seeing it in one of the traps, and by the time it was captured, the cub was very hungry and wet.

The group brought the second cub to Secret World and left it with the charity’s night service. After a complete health check, both sibling cubs were finally reunited.

Animal carer Dan Bryant said: “t is always heartening when you hear just how far some people will go to help wildlife. The dedication and spirit of the Devon Badger Group showed no bounds. Without the group and the protection of their mother, both cubs would have died.”

“We’ve had a late and busy start to the orphan season and now have nearly 30 fox cubs in our care.”

The cubs, named Harry and Houdini by the charity’s staff, are recovering well at Secret World.

In 2017 Secret World rescued 78 foxes. The charity is always looking for suitable release sites for orphan animals. If you can help, contact Wildlife Release Manager Jaime Kingscott on 01278 783250.