A carpet and flooring shop in Burnham-On-Sea is set to move to Highbridge as it expands.

M&F Carpets and Flooring in Abingdon Street, which is run by husband and wife team Mike and Fiona Fear, is moving to Highbridge’s Church Street.

Mike told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “As our business has grown we have also had to take on a separate storage unit in Mark Rd, Highbridge.  Whilst this has given us the space we needed for our growing business, it has also had some logistic difficulties and has meant much longer working hours as all preparation work has had to happen outside of shop hours.”

“The new shop at 22 Church Street in Highbridge has presented the space and opportunity for us to operate our business from one site, hence allowing us to keep more stock on site and for preparation of customers’ flooring prior to fitting to be done within work hours, so that we can be more free to offer appointments in the evenings to those customers who need them.”

“The new site offers a prominent showroom with great display visibility being located directly on the main road, whilst having the convenience of space for private parking for our customers, alongside the convenience of having all aspects of our business happening on one site.”

He adds: “Over the last 12 months, we have been fortunate that our our business has remained strong.  A lot of our custom is through word-of-mouth recommendations and returning customers and, during the lockdown periods, much of our new business has come through our social media, telephone enquiries and website.”

“We therefore felt that moving the location of our shop to Highbridge would not have a major impact on our current customer base. We also felt that the location of the Highbridge shop would make us more visible to passing trade and that the close proximity to Sopha would be of benefit to customers looking to improve their homes through new furniture and flooring!”

“We would like to thank Mr Singh and Tony Callaghan for allowing us to rent their properities whilst our business has established.”

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