The front of a new building to replace the Highbridge Hotel will be built using the original bricks from the listed building in an effort to retain its heritage, council bosses have confirmed this week.

The Highbridge Hotel is currently being redeveloped by the YMCA to provide young people with modern new accommodation and community facilities, as pictured here.

Sedgemoor District Council spokeswoman Claire Faun told this week: “As a listed property, the façade needed to be protected. However, as it was so unstable it has been necessary to take the frontage down as part of the works, which forms part of the planning permission.”

“This is being done brick-by-brick in order that it can be rebuilt using the same bricks. The process involves cleaning each brick to allow the frontage to be re-created, but in a safe and stronger incarnation.”

“Clearly, this is a much slower and more expensive process but will allow the frontage to be preserved in the longer term.”