Six people were arrested during a mass trespass at Hinkley Point power station, near Burnham-On-Sea, on Monday (October 8th).

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance said around 30 people had managed to get over the perimeter fence while three had attached themselves to the fence with locks and a further 20 had blocked the main gate.

More than 50 police officers guarded the power station as a weekend of action against the government’s plans to build a third nuclear reactor, Hinkley Point C, were held.

But EDF Energy, which runs Hinkley Point, says the turnout of protesters was low and it added that it has the support of the majority of local people because the proposed plant will bring jobs and economic investment.

However, members of Stop New Nuclear Alliance attacked the EDF statement. “By its nature, a mass trespass involves the very real possibility of arrest and many people have commitments that prevent them from taking part,” said spokesperson Camilla Berens.

“However to have 50 people who were prepared to put their liberty on the line was truly impressive and even the largest campaign groups would be hard pressed to top that number.”

“We have successfully blockaded the main entrance to Hinkley Point on two occasions in the last year and now we have accomplished a mass trespass. Our message today is that we will continue to raise the game with peaceful protest until our voice in heard.”

Among those attending the protest was Natalie Bennett, the new leader of the Green Party, pictured above.

A protest was also held in Bridgwater on Saturday, as featured here, when barrels made to look like nuclear waste were rolled through Bridgwater.

If planning permission is granted, EDF says Hinkley Point C could be operational by 2020, providing enough energy for five million homes.

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