Brean’s Holiday Resort Unity has received a Gold Award in the British Holiday & Home Parks Association’s David Bellamy Awards for a fourth consecutive year.

The award recognises the holiday park’s conservation work and efforts to help bees and also boost its wildflower habitat.

The parks that take part in the award scheme are regularly assessed by a team of local wildlife experts.

The assessors look at the measures that parks are taking to manage their land as a haven for wildlife; reduce their use of energy, water and other resources; reduce, reuse and recycle the waste they produce and also support their local communities.

Director Alan House said: “We are really thrilled to receive this award again. We have worked hard this year to try and enhance our commitment to our environment, which isn’t always an easy task when we have so many visitors on site every day.”

“This year we have introduced new signage around the park so people staying with us know what wildlife to look out for both here on site and when exploring our local area. We also started doing wildlife walks over the school summer holidays, which were very popular and look to add these into our regular programme of activities for families going forward.”

“We are very fortunate to have Mick, our Head Gardener, and a very dedicated team behind him that work hard throughout the year to create and maintain our ‘green spaces’, and who are all very committed and take pride in our grounds and the environment in which they work.”

The idea of the scheme was first sown when David Bellamy gave a talk to members of the camping, caravanning and holiday home park industry in which he gave the audience members a challenge to be part of the environmental solution and not part of the problem.

Brean’s Holiday Resort Unity was featured on TV’s Hugh’s Wild West in the spring for its achievement in balancing a busy tourism operation whilst maintaining the protection of its local environment.

It also recently opened a ‘Secret Wood’ in partnership with Secret World Wildlife Rescue so animals can be safely released back into the wild.