A group of Kenyan schoolchildren will be performing at a garden centre near Burnham-On-Sea this month to help raise money to build an orphanage in their home village.

The 24 pupils, who are from a primary school near Mombasa, which was set up by the Samson Chivatsi Children’s Appeal, will be singing and playing the drums at Sanders Garden World on Saturday October 7th and Saturday October 21 at 11am and 2.30pm.

Sue Stevens, the Southern Representative for the charity, said: “The children will be at the garden centre as part of a tour of the UK. The performances, which will last for about an hour, are free but we are hoping visitors will make donations and help us to raise funds to build an orphanage.”

The Samson Chivatsi African Children’s Appeal was established in 1998 by Maureen and Ian McIntyre. They set up the charity to give the poorest children in Kenya access to a good education.

Since then the organisation, which was named after the first child that Maureen and Ian sponsored, built the primary school in the village of Utange. This school and a rented nursery school now have more than 600 children, all of who are sponsored by people in the UK and Europe.

The charity is now hoping to raise enough money to build an orphanage near to the primary school.

The children, aged between eight and 15 years, are performing across the UK for two months before going back to Utange near Mombasa in Kenya.

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