Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has visited Hinkley Point C near Burnham-On-Sea this week, declaring nuclear as a vital “part of the country’s future”.

Addressing a crowd of workers, Sir Keir thanked them. He met apprentices, union representatives and hosted a question-and-answer question session with 50 staff.

He emphasised the need for more new nuclear in Britain and the role of its reliable, low-carbon electricity, for fighting climate change and increasing energy security.

“I’ve been really struck by the site – the engineering, the innovation, the scale of what’s being delivered here. I’ve got a very clear message for the workers which is thank you,” he said during the visit.

“Thank you for what you’re doing, the skills you bring to this, plus the sense of team and unity that you bring into this, and the pride that I have and I hope everybody who works here has of delivering a project which will power the UK for decades to come.”

“I want everybody working here to have that sense of pride and to have that sense that in years to come to be able to look back and see Hinkley Point C delivering energy for our country.”

“Nuclear is part of the future and new nuclear and therefore this project needs to be delivered plus Sizewell and Anglesey. I see the future energy mix of this country as nuclear, new nuclear and mixed with renewables. I’m sure some of the skills here today will be deployed at Sizewell and other plants because that’s how we get the innovation and the delivery of the projects that are so, so important to our country.”


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