August 24, 2015
In photos: WW2 memorabilia goes on show at Highbridge military show

A unique two-day wartime history show drew spectators to Highbridge at the weekend.

The Military Show Display Weekend saw several WW2 military stands and displays set-up in a field off Pilmore Lane in Highbridge.

Among the displays was a 60-calibre Browning machine gun from World War 2, owned by Dave Perry, pictured above.

Visitors were also able to meet Kevin Drake, right, who came as a Home Guard from the Bridgwater Battalion Sedgemoor Company.

And the other displays also included a 1938 Austin 10 staff car, owned by Ian Bilboe, pictured below. The vehicle was driven by a Lance Corporal to take a Battery Commander to visit anti-aircraft sites under his command.

The event, held for the first time, was run in conjunction with Westonzoyland Aviation Museum and Unicorn Carnival Club.