Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards and BARB volunteers were called back to Weston on Monday (October 16th) in the search for a missing person.

Crews were re-tasked to Weston super Mare for a further search for a missing vulnerable person, having previously undertaken an overnight hunt for him.

The Burnham-On-Sea crews assisted Weston Coastguards with a daylight low water search.

Two Weston Coastguards kitted up in full rescue gear for a search of the old Birnbeck Pier after being taken over to the island by Weston lifeboats.

The Burnham Coastguard team performed a separate foot search along the rocks on the shore from Birnbeck, heading south to Knightstone Island.

Further members of Burnham Coastguard teamed up with the BARB hovercraft team and a foot search was undertaken.

After a thorough search, the teams were stood down at around 2pm to return to their station for another clean down and readiness check.

Police have been continuing their enquiries as part of the search.