Online video footage of a Burnham-On-Sea motorcylist allegedly speeding on roads on the outskirts of the town has been removed by the user this week.

It comes after we exclusively reported about the video earlier this week after it was orginally posted on Internet video sharing service YouTube.

It appeared to show the motorcyclist leaving a house in Burnham and then travelling along Love Lane to the Edithmead roundabout at the M5 before returning along the same route. While the video itself was blurry, it appeared that a video camera had been mounted on the motorcyclist himself.

Sergeant Roger Tolley told “An investigation into an incident recorded on video and published on an Internet video viewing service is being undertaken.”

“I cannot and do not condone dangerous and reckless driving in any way and am disappointed that the Internet service has publicised what is apparently an inappropriate use of a motor bike on our local roads.”

“Generally, drivers in Burnham are responsible with obvious exceptions. A further increase in relevant legislation concerning driving is being introduced from the end of this month in connection with using mobile phones whilst driving. The penalty for doing so will increase to an endorsement of 3 penalty points and a £60 fine. All Burnham Officers as well as the Road Policing Units are committed to maintaining this area as being one of relative safety for all road users.”