Grab a childrens safety band scheme in Burnham-On-Sea

A group of Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge Conservative councillors have announced the launch of their ‘Grab A Band’ childrens safety band scheme.

The first packs were distributed on Thursday 15th August and others will be circulated during the coming weeks.

The scheme, which we reported on last week, has had a good response and the group say they have been “inundated with support.”

Some of that support has come from Sedgemoor District Council and their Chairman, Cllr Peter Clayton, said: ”I am really pleased to be able to support this brilliant scheme. It’s simple and effective and hopefully will help to avoid distress to parents if their children get separated from them.”

Grab a childrens safety band scheme in Burnham-On-Sea

He added: “The fact that so many people have welcomed this wonderful idea, shows that Highbridge, Burnham, Berrow and Brean are putting the safety of children as a top priority and trying to keep these areas as safe as they can for future generations.”

Other support has come from local Police PSCO Ryan Coleman, who added: “This is a fantastic idea and, as SDC Chairman Peter Clayton said, it may give parents a little piece of mind, to a potentially distressing situation. I am fully behind the ‘Grab A band’ scheme.”

The group say they have secured sponsors and there will be no shortage of bands for the whole area. Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards have also provided a supply to the group.

Cllr Chris Allen has been taking the packs around the town and said: “Everyone that I have spoken to so far has had a pack and welcomed the idea. It was so lovely to see such positivity.”

Each pack contains a letter of explanation, a display poster and a supply of bands. If you would like more information, contact