A new petition has been launched calling on Sedgemoor District Council to open Berrow beach over the winter months after the council closed the beach on October 1st to vehicles and said beach parking would not be reinstated until next April.

Bunham-On-Sea.com reported here that the council says that it has closed the beach over the winter on safety grounds due to the beach wardens formally ending their duties for the year on September 30th.

A petition was launched on Saturday (October 2nd) by local resident Rita Morgan calling on the council to re-open the beach to local cars.

She says: “Berrow beach is being closed to cars for the winter season. This is a first and will greatly inconvenience locals who use the beach out of season when it is quieter, with fewer visitors. The council say that there will be nobody to help if drivers get stuck in the beach mud. This really happens in the summer season when visitors do not read the warning signs. Locals are very aware of beach safety. This seems to be a case of the council clawing in as much council tax as possible without giving any consideration to the locals. We want Sedgemoor District Council to rethink this very poor decision and show some consideration to their local community.”

Council spokesman Claire Faun told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “With nights drawing in and cooler weather, the beach safety staff at Burnham-On-Sea and Berrow Beaches have now finished for the season.”

“There will be no vehicular access or parking on Berrow Beach from the beginning of October, as there will be no safety staff to help any visitors who might encounter difficulties from parking on the sand or soft mud.”

“We are sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by the closure of Berrow Beach access gate, but it is possible to walk to the beach via footpaths from the road. There is also free parking at the nearby Berrow Dunes Nature Reserve. The vehicle access will be re-opened at the beginning of April 2022, in good time for Easter.”

“Visitors are reminded that if they get into trouble on the beach, they should phone 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

The petition has been started here. Nearby Brean beach remains open to motorists: it is run by Brean Parish Council.

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