Two local worthy causes have this week received large handouts of cash from Burnham-On-Sea Rotary Club.

The presentation of £2,100 each to Burnham’s BAY Centre and Highbridge’s National Blind Childrens Society came after a busy year of fundraising for Rotary members.

During President George Moon’s year, the Club raised more than £14,000 for local, national and international charities.

Various events were held, including the group’s annual bookshop, fireworks collection and an international wine festival and an Irish night.

Local charities and good causes to benefit included the Highbridge Festival of the Arts, BARB, the Pantomime Society, King Alfred’s Concert Band, Childrens’ Hospice South West, St. John Ambulance and St. John Ambulance Cadets of Highbridge, Burnham and Highbridge Community Association, Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, Hillview Junior Carnival Club, King Alfred School, St John’s School and the Burnham Gateway Club. A donation was also made from the proceeds of the fireworks collection to Burnham and Highbridge Town Council for its charitable fund.

Mr Moon told “Rotary is a service organisation and we enjoy having fun and helping in the community. Sometimes we can actually give service, like planting the bulbs and picking up litter along Queens Drive, other times we help by raising money that others need to enable them to do good. Last year went very well and we have been happy to help in our local area.”

The Club has got off to a good start in its new year under President Mike Young, with the Bookshop raising almost £1,800. Collections at The Seagull at Brean and Home Farm in Burnham in aid of the victims of strife in Lebanon produced another £400 from holidaymakers.

“We are grateful to Home Farm and The Seagull for their support,” said Mike. “The money has been used to buy a Shelter Box that will provide shelter and cooking equipment to keep homeless people alive.”

To find out more about Burnham Rotary Club please contact Secretary Brian Bell on 01278 783502 or see the club’s web site, linked below.

The photo shows Immediate Past President George Moon, Tracy Whiteman of NBCS, President Mike Young, and Di Monahan of the BAY Centre.


Burnham-On-Sea Rotary Club [External site]

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