Neck ties are no longer a compulsory part of student’s uniforms at a Burnham-On-Sea school after pupils voted to ditch them.

From Friday, King Alfred School students in Year 7 have been able to remove their traditional tie and wear a new shirt which bears the school’s logo instead.

Assistant Head Teacher John Hoskins told “We consulted with students on improving uniforms and found 77 per cent were in favour of going down the route of no longer making ties compulsory.”

He said the new shirts, which have the King Alfred School logo on breast pockets, will be phased in during the next few months.

“The new shirt negates the need for ties because students will still be smart looking.”

He rejected claims that the uniform change is part of a general ‘dumbing down’ of English traditions, adding: “A number of other schools have also made similar decisions to remove ties. We want uniforms that students feel comfortable wearing and that will have a positive effect on their school life. In the workplace these days, ties are often no longer compulsory.”


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