Emma Holmes, a tenant at Highbridge Enterprise Centre, has combined her unique expertise of being an online scratch DJ tutor and a life coach to publish a new book.

In her life coaching business, called Be Deliberate, Emma works one-to-one with individuals to help them boost their confidence.

And, operating an online scratch DJ school, she produces online video tutorials for enthusiasts to watch and learn how to perform the techniques involved in becoming a skilled scratch DJ.

Her experiences have together in ‘The Prosperous Scratch DJ’, a book about her work.

Emma told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Over the last couple of months I have been connecting with creative entrepreneurs, like myself, to help them on their journey. Being based at Highbridge Enterprise Centre means I can interact with these people and build a relationship in a professional environment. Being here has also connected me to other local businesses and together we have delivered joint workshops for the local community.”

She offers coaching sessions over the phone, via Skype or face-to-face, listening to her clients to understand where they are now and what they want to create, before working together to bridge the gap.

In her musical work, her School of Scratch courses include instruction on the equipment needed and how to set it up, together with the individual scratch techniques, combos and music theory. With more than 90 videos, there’s a lot to learn.

In 2015, not only did Emma establish a partnership with DJcity.com, a website dedicated to music trends and downloads, her work has been featured on Instagram’s music blog.

With confidence in Emma’s businesses growing, 2016 looks extremely positive and she hopes to expand and increase her clients. The reputation of both businesses has increased significantly, inspiring Emma to continue to work with her many contacts she has engaged with in Somerset and beyond.

Jakki MacPhail, Highbridge Enterprise Centre Manager, said: “When I first met Emma I was intrigued to know what a scratch DJ was, and now I know. It is fantastic to have such an energetic and enthusiastic entrepreneur in the Centre and even better to offer business support to such an original idea. I am looking forward to seeing Emma’s companies and publications develop in the coming year and who knows where it might lead her.”

For more information about the office space and work hub facilities available at Highbridge Enterprise Centre, contact Jakki on 01278 550250.

Pictured: Emma, photo copyright and courtesy of Jessie Edwards-Thomas http://www.jessieedwardsthomas.co.uk/