November 9, 2005
Lives at risk because our roads won’t be gritted, warn Burnham councillors

Lives will be put at risk in Burnham-On-Sea this winter because many roads in the town will not be gritted, councillors warned this week.

The stark message came after town councillors were presented with the County Council’s plans to grit far fewer roads in the town in order to make savings.

Burnham-On-Sea county councillor Mike Facey, pictured with the document from the Highways Department, told the situation is “farcical.”

“Our council tax rates are going up by up to 10 per cent, but what are we getting for our money?”

And Burnham-On-Sea Mayor Cllr Eric Gill said at Tuesday’s meeting of the town council: “The majority of roads in the town will not get treated unless we have continuous, severe weather.”

A snow gritter in bad weather“Drivers will apparently have to look after their own safety, but many may therefore be put in danger.”

The document reveals that the road between Brean and Burnham will not be pre-treated, along with many other routes in Burnham.

Cllr Neville Jones blasted the plans as “incredibly short-sighted” and said that many bus services would not be able to operate if forecasters’ predictions of a harsh winter come true.

The roads that will be treated include key routes, such as the A38 through Highbridge, Burnham Road and Love Lane.

Cllr Peter Clayton said: “Once again, Burnham residents are being treated as second class citizens.”

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