Police say they reported 120 drivers on the M5 in Somerset ‘putting themselves and others in danger’ during a single morning earlier this week.

Avon and Somerset Police monitored traffic speeds from a local M5 motorway bridge – and the Roads Policing Unit have issued several photos of the vehicles reported.

Police say among those reported were the drivers of a car clocked at 106mph and a horsebox recorded at 88mph. A truck with a trailer was also spotted travelling at 75mph.

Road users have been warned of the Fatal Five behaviours, which are the main causes of serious injuries and deaths on the road: speeding, careless driving, not wearing seatbelts, using a mobile phone and drink or drug-driving.

Police recently launched Operation Tonic, their annual drink and drug-driving campaign  to try and reduce the problems during the winter and run-up to Christmas.

A roads policing unit spokesperson said: “Enforcement of the Fatal Five continues alongside Operation Tonic. This is the M5 on wet roads with low sun. Here is an example of some of the 120 drivers reported for putting themselves and others in danger!”

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