A packed audience enjoyed a thought-provoking play by Burnham-On-Sea’s Princess Theatre Company on Friday night (July 4th).

Lewis Coleman’s original one-act play, The Meeting, followed two couples and their support network through good and bad times on their battle with sobriety.

The performance explored the balance between staying on the road to recovery and resisting the distraction of relationships.

Lewis told Burnham-On-Sea.com about his inspiration for the play. “The Meeting was written in response to personal, tragic events I have witnessed during my recovery from addiction – I have seen so many people relapse over the last few years and one of the biggest triggers has been romantic relationships. The play explored this.”

The director of The Meeting, Fiona Hulme, added: “This was the first of Lewis’ plays we’ve performed and it was a great opportunity to produce a different style and genre from last time, which saw mythological witches and black comedy on stage. This play was easy to relate to as Lewis’ experience and knowledge of the subject is embedded in the dialogue and action.”

Kim Cook, the director of the Princess Theatre Group, said: “When I first read ‘The Meeting’ I was touched by the intensity of feeling from the characters, and how although it seemed to be so difficult to be together, they fought for their relationships, going against all advice. I for one was rooting for these couples to be happy and support each other in their sobriety.”

The group’s next performance will be Dragged Up by Kim Cook on September 19th at 7pm in The Princess Theatre. Tickets £8/6 are available from the theatre on 01278 784464.

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