Two mysterious UFOs have been spotted over the skies of Burnham-On-Sea.

According to a leading UFO website, two brightly lit objects were sighted over the town on Wednesday evening, 11th January.

The eyewitness, only identified as Rosy, states: “At approximately 5.45pm, there of us observed two bright white lights in the sky.”

“They could have been extremely bright stars, but all other stars were dull and twinkled due to the atmospheric conditions.”

In 2010, reported on a similiar sighting of an object in the early hours of the morning, as featured here. And in May the same year, an ‘orb-shaped’ object was spotted over the town – as we covered here.

Have you seen a UFO in the skies above Burnham-On-Sea or do you know what the objects were? Get in touch here.