This was the moment a Burnham-On-Sea animal lover waded into a waist-deep ditch to rescue a struggling sheep.

Martin Garrett waded into the ditch just off Burnham’s Ben Travers Way to reach the stricken animal on Monday evening (August 12th), as shown here.

Martin told “I saw the sheep struggling in the water. Three days ago I had unfortunately seen a ewe in that exact place dead so I knew I had to act fast.”

“I instantly rang my brother so I could get into the ditch while he took hold of my dog.”

“The water was very cold and very deep with a thick layer of slime on the bottom but I powered through.”

“When I reached the ewe she was scared stiff and originally didn’t want to move, but as you can see from the video I eventually got her high enough up so that her life force spurred her on to live.”

“I could never stand by and see something so beautiful die.”

“But would I say I’m a hero? I’m not so sure, but an ordinary man who loves animals.”

The rescue was filmed by his brother Anthony.