Severe weather warnings have been issued for the area today (Tuesday) as the storm that brought snow to America sweeps across Britain, bringing heavy rain and high winds.

The Met Office says heavy and persistent rain will fall in the Burnham-On-Sea area today and tomorrow, with localised flooding possible in low lying areas.

Several bouts of rain will also be accompanied by south or southwesterly gales, which may reach severe gale force at times.

“Please be aware of the risk of flooding and thus the potential for disruption to travel through this period,” said a Met Office spokesman.

“Warm air of tropical origins will be entrained into the system, which accompanied by abundant moisture, will lead to heavy rain in areas exposed to the strong southwesterly flow. Many parts of the warning area could see 30-50 mm of rain, whilst the most exposed upland parts could see 80-100 mm.”

“There remains some uncertainty with the exact location of the areas at risk of the heaviest rain, as well as the end time.”