Burnham-On-Sea lifeboat crews were called out early this morning (Monday) to investigate reports of a grounded yacht on Berrow beach.

Both lifeboats were launched at 7.10am from the town’s jetty and made their way to the scene near Berrow Church.

There being no apparent signs of life onboard the vessel, a crewmember from Burnham’s D-Class lifeboat Burnham Reachboarded it to investigate. 

After unsuccessful attempts to tow the craft to safety, the rescue was abandoned, and the vessel was left under the supervision of a Coastguard Coastal rescue team. 

Both lifeboats returned to Burnham for recovery and wash-down by the shore crew.

Helmsman Nick Edrich, who was in the D Class, said: “We reached the craft shortly before high water and, after assessment, made around half a dozen unsuccessful attempts to tow it clear from the beach.”

“We left the yacht under the Coastguard rescue team supervision and returned to Burnham slipway.”

Photos: Al Crook / Burnham RNLI


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