A Burnham-On-Sea man has published a new book featuring he and his wife’s adventures riding on a tandem bicycle across 30 countries.

Allan Pendleton is a former manager at King Alfred Sports Centre and organised many local events over the years including triathlons and Stert Island swims.

Back in 1997 when he retired, he and his wife Maggie started bicycle touring on a tandem.

They cycled over 70,000 miles across more than thirty countries and now Allan has published his book about their adventures and experiences called “Never Say If Only”.

Speaking to Burnham-On-Sea.com, he said: “This book was intended as a memento to my children and grand children. When my father died I realised how little I really knew of his life but the idea escalated, resulting in this volume.”

“It is mainly an account of the travels worldwide that my wife and I took on our tandem bike over the last 30 years, the people we met, and the experiences we had.”

“It is interspersed with accounts of my childhood, career and family life, much of this taking place here in Burnham, hence it has a sub-title of ‘journeys through life’.”

The book is available to buy online at Amazon here at £3.99 for the Kindle version or £12.95 in paperback.