Burnham-On-Sea wildlife carers at Secret World Wildlife Rescue are calling for cat food donations to help sick and injured hedgehogs survive the winter.

The charity is currently caring for 50 hedgehogs at its centre in East Huntspill but this number is expected to quadruple to over the winter months during poor weather.

Food can be in short supply for hedgehogs during the autumn and winter, and the charity often admits hogs that are underweight and suffering from parasites, ringworm, ticks and worms.

Dan Bryant, Animal Care Section Leader at Secret World, says: “As the nights get colder we are expecting a lot more hedgehogs to be admitted over the winter months as they struggle to find food.”

“Feeding and treating them becomes expensive and stretches our resources so we are asking for donations of cat food and biscuits to help these little creatures put on the weight they need to get through hibernation.”

“By donating food, you are helping to give these animals a greater chance of getting back to where they belong – the wild.”

The charity puts ill hedgehogs on a diet of meaty cat food in jelly and cat biscuits to help build their strength up. All donations will help the charity look after a greater number of hedgehogs through the winter.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue, a registered charity, does not receive any funding from Government or other public bodies. It relies solely on the generosity of wildlife lovers across the region.

Food donations can be dropped off at Secret World at New Road Farm in New Road, East Huntspill, between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week, or ordered from the charity’s Amazon wish list here.