Over 40 local volunteers joined the nationwide ‘Great British Beach Clean’ on Saturday (April 14th) by taking part in a litter clean at Berrow.

The newly-formed Friends of Berrow Beach held its second clean-up, focussing on the collection of plastic rubbish.

The group also collected scores of nurdles – small plastic pellets about the size of a lentil – which are used each year to make nearly all our plastic products but, sadly, many end up getting washing up onto the UK’s coastline, pictured below.

The Berrow group is led by Honour Greenslade, Sue Meads and Tracie Philpott with the support of Coastal Community Officer Tanya Cox from the Litter Free Coasts & Seas project.

Honour, pictured with Tanya, told Burnham-On-Sea.com she was delighted at the turnout and the amount of plastic litter collected.

Tanya added: “We had over 40 volunteers tackling the rubbish buried in the sand dunes and found a great haul of nurdles too.”

“One thing that becomes so apparent when cleaning the beaches is that there is no away in ‘throw away’. Everything that we chuck out ends up somewhere and if its not disposed of properly, it is likely to end up polluting the environment.”

“We all need to take responsibility for the waste we produce; limit it where possible and always dispose of it properly – preferably by recycling it.”

“So, a plea from us: don’t be embarrassed to pick up that bag or bottle or straw you happen to pass – you might just save the life of something trying to live peacefully in our seas.”

The group has thanked Keedwell Transport and NK Sports for donating new hi-visibility vests to its volunteers.

The Co-Op in Berrow and Boots in Burnham have also recently pledged their support, giving supplies and first aid kits to the group.

Among those joining Berrow’s beach clean on Saturday was Burnham-On-Sea author Damien Boyd, the best-selling author of the DI Nick Dixon Crime Series

R Keedwell Transport and NKSports kindly donated 50 hi-visibility vests to the group and here they are pictured being received by Honour Greenslade