Part of Apex Park in Highbridge was sealed off for several hours on Tuesday (May 2nd) after a magnet fisherman found several suspected ordnance devices.

The man was magnet fishing for the first time and was shocked to pull up three metal wartime devices from the bottom of the lake near Apex Drive around 2pm, pictured here.

A concerned resident called the Police and within minutes officers arrived to tape off the footpath and banks as a safety precaution.

A Police spokesman told “A 50m cordon was put in place following suspected explosive ordnance being found at Apex Park Lakes.”

“We were called at about 2pm. The Explosive Ordinance Disposal team was contacted to attend the scene.”

Eyewitness Adam Picton added: “The man was doing magnet fishing from the banks here at Apex for the first time and was surprised to pull up the three devices along with several other less interesting items.”

“We quickly realised they could be dangerous and called the Police.”

The Army Bomb Disposal Team arrived from Salisbury at 5.45pm.  

A spokesman said the items turned out to be three wartime “practice training devices,” which were taken away for disposal.

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