James Heappey Burnham-On-Sea MP

Burnham-On-Sea’s MP James Heappey voted for a motion expressing confidence in the Government to help it pass in the House of Commons on Monday.

Unusually, the vote was tabled by the Government because it refused to accept the wording of a Labour motion after Boris Johnson announced he was staying on as Prime Minister until the autumn.

MPs were asked whether “this House has confidence in Her Majesty’s government”, with defeat almost certainly triggering a general election.

Burnham-On-Sea’s MP voted for the motion, alongside almost all his Conservative colleagues, and it was passed 349-238.

Voting for the motion were 342 Tory MPs, six DUP MPs and one Independent MP. Meanwhile, 181 Labour MPs, 37 SNP MPs, 12 Lib Dem MPs, two Independent MPs, one SDLP MP, one Alliance MP, three Plaid Cymru MPs and one Green Party MP voted against it. There were just 48 who abstained or did not vote.


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