A fresh warning about checking tide times has been issued to motorists after FOUR vehicles became stranded in the sea in Burnham-On-Sea, Brean and Berrow on Saturday evening.

A Mitsubishi Shogun was rescued by BARB Search & Rescue on Burnham beach using tow ropes after its wheels sand into the soft sand next to the jetty while attempting to retrieve a stranded VW transporter, as pictured here.

But despite lengthy efforts, the VW could not be safely pulled out before the incoming tide inundated it, leaving it submerged. The owner from Bridgwater was trying to launch his boat when he got into difficulty. It was retrieved after the high tide.

Two further motorists also got caught out on Brean and Berrow beaches where their vehicles were also surrounded by sea water and had to be pulled to safety.

The incidents came as the area sees a series of high tides. Further very high tides are due this week, prompting a warning to all beach users to check the Burnham-On-Sea Tide Times here.

Mitsubishi owner Sam Yarnall Chatwin told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I was driving along the seafront when a passer-by asked if I could help in my role as a volunteer with 4×4 South West Assistance, so I drove down and managed to hook up the VW. I managed to pull it a metre forward but then got stuck ourselves when we started sinking into the sand. Fortunately, BARB were quickly on scene and were marvellous. I can’t fault them – they saved our vehicle by getting it out so quickly but, unfortunately, no-one could get the VW out in time.”

BARB Operations Manager Mike Lowe added: “The sand here is often only firm on the top with mud underneath and that means vehicles can easily get stuck. With very high tides over the next few days, beach users should be mindful of their safety and check the tide times and beach conditions.”

He added: “If you’re in any doubt, check with the beach warden or jetty supervisor. Being a community-minded charity, we will always try to help where we can, but without jeopardising the safety of our volunteers or the general public.”

The VW quickly became submerged by the high tide in Burnham

There were similar scenes in Brean and Berrow where this car got suck