Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called out on Thursday evening (October 4th) to investigate reports of several people in possible difficulty in mud on the town’s beach.

Crews were called out at 7.30pm and were tasked to investigate reports of persons in the mud towards the Lower Lighthouse area.

A spokesman said: “We made our way along to the concerned member of the public who gave us some more accurate details of the location of the persons. Once we had established this we made our way along the beach to investigate further.”

“Once we were close enough in the vehicle, we sent two Coastguard Rescue Officers on foot to take a look.”

“They soon established contact with the persons who were just out enjoying a spot of fishing.”

“This is a regular spot for fishermen all year round so we had an educated guess this would be the case, but as always we have to be 100% sure and we never leave anything to chance.”

“After a brief chat and ensuring everyone was safe and accounted for we were able to stand down and return to station.”

“Although there was no-one in danger in this instance the call was the right one to make as if anyone is concerned it is better to have it checked.”

“After all, if it was left and someone was in difficulty then we may not reach them in time.”

“So never be afraid to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard, we are here to help and to deal with any emergency situation along the coast.”

Pictured: Coastguards on Burnham-On-Sea beach on Thursday night (pic Burnham Coastguards)

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