Kayaker in mud on Brean beach

Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards and BARB’s rescue hovercraft were called to Brean beach on Sunday (May 24th) to reports of a kayaker “struggling in mud”.

Crews were called to the scene at 1.25pm, as pictured here, when Burnham Coastguards who were out on patrol spotted the man in the mud several hundred metres from the hard sand, as pictured here.

A spokesman said: “The team spotted a kayaker who was getting caught out on a dropping tide. After informing the Coastguard Operation Centre of the person’s plight, they were advised to keep a visual on him while a full team page was put out and BARB Search & Rescue was also tasked.”

Kayaker in mud on Brean beach

“With our team tasked into action, we all made our way to Brean Beach in our own vehicles where we witnessed him just making his way onto the harder standing where he was issued some safety advice.”

“Not everyone knows the dangers they face and this chap said he was happy to go out on a falling tide and drag his kayak back across the mud, something he said he had done before.”

Coastguards Brean Beach

“We 100% do not recommend this as a sensible thing to do. The beach changes so much it is hard to tell what it’s going to be like after each tide. He was tired and muddy and advised not to do it again.”

BARB’s hovercrafts were flying in from Burnham jetty and were at the Berrow Point when they spotted an object that was perched on the very low tide line which needed investigating.

“We moved to their location and two of our Mud Rescue Technicians got kitted up and, once onboard the hovercrafts, they were flown out to the object where it was found to be no danger to any shipping or water users.”

“With this complete, the hovercrafts returned to their launch area and we returned to station to clean our techs down before handing over to the next safety patrol.”

BARB hovercraft Burnham-On-Sea beach lighthouse

“They weren’t out long before they encountered two people who were walking out towards the mud just along from Burnham Beach. After realising the ground was becoming soft beneath their feet they did the right thing and turned around.”

“We remind everyone who is visiting the coast to stay safe and away from the mud, once you become stuck it will instantly sap your energy and it will become harder and harder for you to make any progress back to safety. The beaches at this time have no lifeguards or beach wardens so please take extra care.”

Pictured: Coastguards and BARB crews at the incidents on Sunday 


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