This unusual site of a huge ‘crop circle’ appeared in the sand on Brean Beach on Sunday (June 2nd).

But, unlike the mysterious circles in fields across the west country, there is no suggestion of a UFO having caused this one!

Sand artist Julian Richardson spent five hours creating the huge 80-metre design as he prepares to compete in an international competition later this year.

Julian, who admits to having created many crop circles in Wiltshire, told “I have been involved in crop circle making since the 1990s – I just love geometry, art and the paranormal.”

“But I’m really keen for the work to be legitimised so have begun creating beach art with crop circles as my inspiration.”

“The sand here is perfect and, with great aerial views from the top of Brean Down, it’s a great location.”

“It would be a great venue for a beach art festival in the future featuring artists from across the world.”

Julian will be travelling to Jersey in the autumn to take part in the beach art world championships and will be producing more of the huge artworks on the beach at Brean over the summer.

Sand artist Julian Richardson spent five hours creating the circle

The circle covers over 80 metres of sand on Brean beach

Julian and a helper in action creating the huge circle

Stuart Dike took this shot of the circle on the beach

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