Dog running

Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge Town Council is seeking so-called ‘Poo Fighters’ to help tackle dog fouling in the two towns.

The Town Council is working with Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset to launch a new campaign this November to draw attention to the fact that dog fouling is completely unacceptable.

“In a bid to tackle this problem, we are asking for volunteers to become ‘poo fighters’ and to work in collaboration with the town council and Litter Free Coast and Sea to undertake ground stencilling and survey work within Burnham,” says a spokeswoman.

“With the nights drawing in and the seasonal dog bans on the beaches lifting there is always an increase in dog fouling on the streets and along the beach compared to the summer months.”

“The key messages will focus on ‘no matter the size of your dog, place or time of day, always pick up’ and ‘Bag It Bin It’.”

“Judging what is socially and environmentally acceptable to do with your dog’s faeces can be a bit of minefield so Litter Free Coast and Sea have debunked some of the myths and simplified everything.”

Burnham-On-Sea beach dog walkers

If you would like to become a poo fighter or would like to tell us where dog poo is a particular problem in Burnham, please email

“The Council is keen to support dog owners to deal with dog waste in the correct manner by providing dog dedicated dog bins, although ordinary litter bins can be used
for disposal of bagged waste.”

“The council also provides free biodegradable bags to the public from a number of locations in the towns.”


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