A warning has been issued to Burnham-On-Sea dog owners this week after a pet had to have a fishing hook removed from its mouth after picking it up on the town’s beach.

Sian Vowles was walking her 11 year-old collie, Misty, along the sand at the southern end of the town on Wednesday morning when her dog got injured.

“It happened on Wednesday morning about 10.30am between the Yacht Club and jetty. It wasn’t too far away from the steps,” she said.

“She was a bit behind me and when I looked around and she was rubbing her mouth with her paw.”

“I called her and as she came towards me I could see the hook in the side of her mouth with a big weight trailing behind her.”

“She had to be put to sleep to remove the hook and we received a vet’s bill of £115.”

Sian wants to raise awareness about the dangers of fishing hooks being left on or washed up along the beach to avoid other dogs getting injured.

Pictured: The hook and fishing tackle that Misty picked up on Burnham beach, which required £115 of vet’s treatment to have removed.