A young boy has been reunited with his relieved family after going missing on Brean beach on Wednesday (August 7th).

Police and Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called to the beach just after 2pm when the boy’s worried mother raised the alarm.

A full search of Brean beach was launched and the child was found wandering alone on nearby Berrow beach by another beach user.

A Coastguard spokesman said: “The child had been playing along the tideline and as it transpired had taken a wrong turn on the way back and ended up walking quite a distance further along the beach.”

“Another beach user had spotted the child wandering along the beach alone and taken them to the RNLI lifeguards on Berrow Beach who then contacted the Brean Beach Warden to inform them the child was with them.”

“In no time at all the child who didn’t actually realise they were lost and the extremely relieved family were reunited. It is very easy for children to become disorientated on a beach.”

Coastguards advise that when families visit the beach they should always take a photo when they arrive, which means emergency services will have an up-to-date photo and know exactly who they are looking for; Find a nearby landmark that you can go to if anyone gets lost; If you are on a lifeguarded beach ask if they have a wristband scheme so you can put your contact details on it.

If anyone does become lost the most important thing is don’t panic, panic will cause you to lose focus and your thinking will become erratic. Approach the beach warden or lifeguard on duty and give as much information as possible. Call the Coastguard by dialling 999.

Pictured: Coastguards at the incident on Berrow beach (Photo: Burnham Coastguard)