A goat that appeared to be stranded on a cliff ledge at Brean Down for more than a week is safe again after making its own way to safety.

There was growing concern for the welfare of the animal after it was spotted by walkers to be stuck on a rocky outcrop on the south side of the Down.

The National Trust’s Fred Wilde told Burnham-On-Sea.com on Wednesday (April 12th) that the animal is now safe.

“You’ll be pleased to hear that the Down’s most famous goat has made its own way off!” he said. “We consulted with fire and rescue, the Coastguard and the RSPCA from the second day that the animal was on the ledge and we continued to do so until it made its escape.”

“None of these organisations had any immediate concern for the goat’s welfare and so we felt it best to leave it alone but to continue to monitor it.”

“The same thing happened in 2009 and as soon as someone made their way up, the animal escaped.”

“It’s a tricky situation as obviously wild creatures do not stand still when people approach unless there is something seriously wrong with them, which wasn’t the case here. You can now reassure your audience that the animal is fine.”