Burnham-On-Sea’s Coastguards and BARB hovercraft teams were called out multiple times on Saturday (June 30th) as the heatwave led to extra people flocking to local beaches.

Crews were called to Brean four separate times on Saturday for incidents involving people enjoying the hot weather.

The first call-out came when a member of the public at a caravan park in Brean spotted a teenage boy in difficulty in mud on the tideline, as above.

“It was reported to Coastguards and we were tasked to assist the person back to safety alongside BARB’s hovercrafts,” said a Burnham Coastguard spokesman.

“When we arrived on scene we liaised with the beach wardens and two of our mud techs kitted up ready for any rescue. They walked out a short distance in shallow mud and managed to direct the young lad inwards and back to safety,” said a Coastguard spokesman.

A second incident unfolded when a group of three people was seen walking along the base of Brean Down with one person being carried out in another’s arms.

“As the tide was turning there was a real risk of being cut off if they had they continued all the way around the base,” said a Coastguard spokesman.

BARB’s hovercraft was tasked with flying out to the people, while Coastguards went up onto the top of Brean Down to make contact.

“As we were doing so, they popped back into view and were making their way back to the beach after deciding against the lengthy walk to the end of the Down,” said a spokesman.

As the crews began to return to Burnham, a third incident was called in from a beach walker reporting five girls in the mud on Brean beach. Once again, BARB and the Coastguards made their way back to the hot, busy beach. Fortunately, after a quick visual scan of the tideline, the crews concluded that no-one was in any difficulty.

However, a fourth incident was reported minutes later when a man and his dog had got into difficulty in the mud next to Brean Down, as pictured below.

“Our mud technicians kitted up ready for any rescue,” said a Burnham Coastguard spokesman. “While they were doing this a close visual watch was kept on the person who was struggling in some quite sticky mud.”

“The dog was also having difficulty making its way through the soft mud. They were not far off of the base of the Down and were heading towards the harder rocks.”

“With this in mind, our plan of action changed and we sent two team members in lifejackets along the base of the Down to assist him.” The BARB hovercraft was on standby on the beach.

“Once both the man and his dog were back on safe ground we were once again stood down and had another attempt at returning to station.”

“Please remember if the tide is out do not try and reach it, mud flats are exposed at low tide and can be sticky. If you see anyone in difficulty don’t delay, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard. Thanks to BARB for assisting us.”

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