Two missing people were found safe and well in Burnham-On-Sea following an overnight search by Police and Coastguards during two separate call-outs on Tuesday.

Burnham Police and Coastguards were initially called to Burnham jetty on Monday evening at 10.30pm when a man was reported to be missing with the possible intent of entering the water.

A full search of the beach and seafront was carried out for him in the darkness before the teams were stood down around 1am – only for them to be called back out at 4.30am to reports of another missing person who was said to be on the beach.

Coastguards from Burnham and Weston conducted a torchlit search of the beach and dunes before they were joined by the Coastguard rescue helicopter which conducted an aerial search.

“With conditions and visibility being good they were able to sweep a large area with a high probability of detection should he be there. After a search along the seafront, sand dunes, Brean Down and the bay the Rescue 187 was stood down,” added a spokesman.

“We continued our foot search on towards Brean with the Weston Team was deployed to different footpaths in and out of the beach to ensure we had covered every access point as well as the beach and sand dunes between Burnham Yacht Club and Brean.”

With nothing found it was decided by the Coastguard Operations Centre that they would stand down at 8.30am.

The Police helicopter was then brought in to continue the search and Police spokesman Wayne Baker told that the missing person had been “found safe and well.”

Pictured: Burnham Coastguards and the Police helicopter involved in today’s search (Photos: Burnham Coastguard /

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