The Burnham Area Youth Centre in Burnham-On-Sea has been given a boost from a town centre shop.

Like many charities and businesses, the BAY Centre has been modifying its data to ensure compliance with the new nationwide GDPR regulations.

After much research, booking procedures and forms have been modified and increased data security has been introduced with dedicated laptop computers for centre management.

The Laptop Shop in Burnham-On-Sea High Street was approached for the purchase of four refurbished modern laptops.

Laptop shop proprietor Matt Hoare said: “We were pleased to help the Burnham Area Youth Centre management committee with their solution. We take pride in the fact that customer care is a top priority.”

BAY Centre Chairman Mike Lang added: “Compliance with GDPR was an added complication to our online booking system, but thanks to the response from The Laptop Shop, and the huge effort from our Vice Chair John, we met the mandatory deadline.”

Pictured: BAY Centre Secretary Jan Bonus with Laptop Shop Proprieter Matt Hoare