An 18-year-old who led police on a chase along the M5 motorway through the Burnham-On-Sea area on his motorbike, reaching speeds of 120mph, is due to be sentenced later this month.

A court heard this week that Ramin Haghighat of Upshire Gardens, Bracknell, ignored police when they tried to pull him over for being banned from driving and having no insurance near junction 20 of the M5 at Clevedon on July 10th this year.

Instead, he sped off on his bike at high speed, squeezing his Kawasaki between a car and caravan in lanes two and three, said William Hunter, prosecuting.

He undertook cars, travelling at 120mph, and even veered onto the hard-shoulder, where he reached speeds of between 110mph and 115mph, before leaving the motorway at junction 22 for Burnham-On-Sea.

The chase came to an end when he tried to take a roundabout at high speed and came off the bike.

When interviewed by police, he told them that he’d “freaked out” when he spotted them.

Defending, Harry Ahuja said he had some concerns over his client’s mental health and that he had been somewhat difficult to engage with. He added that after the death of a friend when he was younger, the teenager has been suffering from a low mood and said the only time he feels happy is when he’s driving.

He said that in the last 12 months, Haghighat had built up a very serious record with regards to driving, including three charges of driving while disqualified.

Mr Ahuja said the teenager is remorseful for what he has done and that he knows he put himself and others at risk on his motorbike.

Judge David Ticehurst adjourned the sentencing until August 25th.