A new Police-led scheme has been launched at St Andrew’s Junior School in Burnham-On-Sea in a bid to boost road safety for pupils.

A number of concerns have been raised regarding the safety of children as they travel to and from the school.

The school says the concerns have been raised due to a number of parents and residents “parking inconsiderately” on the approach to and from the school.

“The parking restrictions that apply around the school are there purely to ensure the safety of the children attending the school, their families and other pedestrians,” adds a spokesperson.

“The Police are asking parents/residents to report any dangerous or inconsiderate parking through the ‘Three Strikes Scheme’ by filling in a complaints slip, which will be kept in reception and can then be handed into reception staff or placed in an allocated letter box.”

“The Police beat team will record the registration and send the registered keeper a warning letter with parking advice if appropriate.”

“If the same registration is reported to us a second time, the registered keeper will receive a home visit from a PCSO or Neighbourhood Police Officer to discuss how they were parked and why.”

“If it were to happen a third time and the parking was witnessed by a Police/Police Community Support Officer, we would look to issue a ticket which could result in points on your licence or a £30 parking fine.”

“Please be aware that The Neighbourhood Policing Team only, will decide if the parking was inconsiderate and deserves a strike/action.”

PCSO Coleman was at the launch and added: “Parking on zig zags outside a school is dangerous and selfish. The safety of pupils can be put at risk as well as their families and other pedestrians.”

“The three strike scheme is being introduced in an attempt to eradicate incidents of dangerous and inconsiderate parking. The aim of the scheme is not punishment rather to ensure safer parking.”

“However, action will be taken against those drivers who continue to park dangerously or inconsiderately; which will be decided by the Neighbourhood Policing Team. By asking for parents and residents to report dangerous and inconsiderate parking this will encourage the community to work together to create a safer environment for pupils coming in and out of school.”


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