A fresh safety warning has been issued by Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards after a dog was successfully rescued after falling down cliffs at Brean Down on Bank Holiday Monday.

Coastguards and RNLI lifeboat crews from Burnham-On-Sea were called to the south side of Brean Down near the old fort at 10.50am.

“Late morning and the team were tasked to a dog that had fallen from the south side of the cliff on Brean Down,” says a Coastguard spokesman.

“There were concerns for the owners who were understandably worried for their pet.”

“For any incident, decisions are made as to which assets are best to assist us and in this case, Lifeboats are tasked to help as they can spot the dog from the water and have a view of the entire side of the Down.”

“This means if we need to set up for a cliff rescue we can be more precise in our locations.”

“In this instance, the boat managed to get in close enough after locating the dog and a crew member coaxed the over-inquisitive spaniel towards them.”

“Once the dog was on board the boat they headed around to the North of the Down to a safe location and the dog was transferred to some of our awaiting team members who reunited the unfazed pup with the relieved owner.”

“This is a happy and positive ending to the story but a timely reminder to dog walkers to always keep dogs on leads when on high ground.”

“The sights, smells and seemingly safe flat terrain can overwhelm almost any dogs senses and they can get lost in the moment.”

“The sides of the Down are steep slopes with a vertical drop onto unforgiving rocks or if the tides in, then water with a strong current.”

“Many dogs have been lost over the years and we have seen firsthand how it affects the owners and their families.”

“Please keep your furry family members safe and on a lead on any high ground. Thank you to the Burnham Lifeboat Crew for a job well done assisting the team, saving us time setting up a cliff rescue. Great multi-team working.”

“Please remember that the owners have misjudged the terrain and any negative or nasty comments are not tolerated.”

“As always if you are in danger or difficulty along the coast including cliff paths then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.”

Pictured: Monday’s rescue of the dog at Brean Down underway (Photos: Coastguard / Burnham-On-Sea.com)

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