A Burnham-On-Sea motorist has lodged an appeal against an “unfair” parking fine that he received after parking in the town’s High Street last week during a “confusing” temporary closure.

Contractors working in the town centre gained permission from Somerset County Council for parking to be suspended in several parking bays outside Boots the chemists while work was carried out.

But motorist Kelton Black, pictured, says he did not see a temporary yellow parking sign which advertised the parking ban and, as a result, he parked his car there as normal… and then received a fine.

“I was parked for just a few minutes in the same High Street parking bays that I’ve used for years,” he told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

“I had no reason to look up on the lamp posts to see if there was a temporary parking ban in place there.”

“I would have expected more visible signs than these, or traffic cones stating that no parking was allowed, while the work was being carried out.”

“I hadn’t seen the small yellow sign on the lampost until I came back to my car – and to my shock found I’d been given a parking ticket.”

“The fine is £35 if paid within 14 days and £70 otherwise which is a lot to pay and very unfair given that I don’t consider to have done anything wrong. I have challenged it with Somerset County Council.”

He would be interested to hear from any other motorists who fell foul to the temporary parking restrictions between 6-10th November and who are challenging the fines – get in contact via Burnham-On-Sea.com.

A spokesman for Somerset County Council told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “We receive requests from organisations to suspend parking restrictions for specific purposes. In this case the suspension along Burnham High Street was requested for essential water works between 6th to 10th November.”

“When suspending parking areas, our contractor will ensure the period of the suspension is as short as possible to minimise inconvenience. We also request as much notice as possible to provide the greatest opportunity for drivers to be aware of any forthcoming suspensions.”

“Large, 3D yellow signs are placed within the relevant area usually on any existing poles to inform the public. Drivers should always check the signs when parking regardless of how familiar they are with an area.”

“Anyone who feels they have been unfairly penalised can make a challenge as detailed on the reverse of the penalty and include any mitigating circumstances as to why the penalty should be cancelled.”

Pictured: Top, Kelton Black and, above, the yellow parking signs that he didn’t see which led to his parking fine in Burnham-On-Sea High Street