Busy Burnham-On-Sea beach

“Please don’t visit us yet” is the message that has been issued to would-be visitors to Burnham-On-Sea, Brean and Berrow by Sedgemoor District Council this Bank Holiday weekend.

The council is asking anyone who is considering visiting Sedgemoor’s beaches or beauty spots to “think carefully about their planned trip and be considerate to local communities.”

Council spokeswoman Claire Faun told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “The main message is that we love to see you, but just not now: there are very few facilities for anyone visiting for a day trip.”

“At the beaches and parks, there are no safety staff/beach wardens/lifeguards on duty.  Social distancing measures continue to apply – please observe these at all times for your safety and the safety of communities and businesses.”

What public services are open and closed?

Beaches and Parks – The council says: “Whilst the beach is available for exercise picnicking, or sunbathing, the advice is that social distancing measures continue to apply.  You can only with people from your household or one other person, whilst staying two metres apart.  At Burnham-On-Sea beach, there are no safety staff/beach wardens/lifeguards on duty. Visitors will need to take extra care when on the beach.  Please read relevant safety signage before going onto the beach.  Please do not approach the water at Low Tide as there are dangerous mud flats in which you may become trapped.  Emergency services will have to rescue you as the incoming tide is extremely fast. Please take extra care on and around the Jetty and take note of safety signage and restricted areas.  If you do have to visit, please act responsibly and bring whatever you need for the day with you.”

Council owned-toilets on Burnham’s Esplanade and at Apex Park in Highbridge and Cheddar are open; there is signage to remind people to socially distance if queueing. Play areas/playgrounds within parks remain closed.

Brean Down/Brean Down Fort is owned by the National Trust – The car park is open.  Walkers are not advised to use the steps from the beach up to Brean Down, as it is impossible to socially distance on them, there is alternative access is via the Old Military Road.  The block of toilets are linked to the café, which is currently closed, in line with government guidance. Please keep dogs on leads at all times. There are no beach staff or toilets available.

Berrow Beach/Access Road – the gates will remain locked, as there are no safety staff/wardens on duty to help any visitors who may get into trouble from parking on the beach.  It is possible to walk onto the beach via footpaths from the road.  Whilst the beach is available for exercise, the advice is that social distancing measures continue to apply.  You can only with people from your household or one other person whilst staying two metres apart.   There are no public toilets in this vicinity.  There are limited litter bins on the beach, so if you do visit – please take your litter home.

Food and Drink – The majority of visitor facilities including hospitality facilities remain closed, apart from some takeaway services from a few premises.

Cyclists – Please be aware and respectful of shared spaces and paths and note that pedestrians may not be aware of your presence, so please let them know when if you are approaching at speed.

Accommodation and second homes – Going on holiday and visiting second homes is still not permitted.   Campsites, holiday parks, hotels, bed and breakfasts and other holiday accommodation will remain closed, except when providing accommodation for specific reasons, such as for critical workers needing a place to stay for work. Overnight stays in camper vans are not permitted.

The government advice as to what you can and can’t do is available here.


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